Hi, I'm Jean!

And this is my story...

I am not a survivor but a thriver!

Growing up in Ireland, spending many years in Japan and finally, settling in the Bay Area, I am a mix of many different cultures and experiences.  


I always thought I was healthy but it wasn't until I suffered personal loss that I really started to question 

health and what we can and should be doing to take better care of ourselves. 

But it was mostly all talk and no action!! You know how that works!!

And then life threw another wrench in the works with a breast cancer diagnosis which only lit the fire and determination that I can do a lot more! And this time I really started paying attention!

Three years on and now I am studying to be a holistic nutritionist & a passionate advocate of cleaner living.  

I lead with education and I seek to inspire and empower!

Let's work together to make change!